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When you are attempting to stop termite infestation or attempting to dispose of it, you should depend on the pros of termite inspections. There are numerous associations which provide pest control services.

You must have heard about termites. They are rightly called the “silent destroyer”. The main reason behind this name is that they gradually destroy the inner structure of your house. You cannot be able to see the immediate destruction caused by them but the ultimate destruction is huge.  You will be able to understand at the time, when they have demolished almost entire structure of your house. You will be amazed to know that they are capable to demolish your house within a month. Inhabitants of India, especially Delhi, are very much affected by these insects as the climatic condition of India is perfect for the growth of the termite.

Termites are called detritus feeders. That means they are highly dependent on the dead trees or plants. They also prefer the dead parts of the living plants. Apart from these, all the things that are easily available at our home like the food, water, paper and especially the wood are the main source of their food. Depending on the various factors we can be able to find mainly four type of termites. They are as follows:

pest control services DelhiDampwood Termites:

You can be easily understood that the name comes from the damp. Generally, termites make their nests in the soil or on the rooftop or in the walls of the house. In this case they build their nests on the dampen areas. They are mainly found in the coastal area of Pacific. They are also seen in the Southern or the South-West area of Florida.

Drywood termites:

These are the second type of termite that do not depend on the soil moisture in order to live. They are mainly found in the woods, where you will find the low moisture in the climate. They are the insects of the of the warm climate. You will mainly see them in the coastal areas like Florida, Texas and the California. They cause a huge effect to the wooden furniture, door, window frames and many areas.

Formosan termite:

These types of termites also prefer a warmer climate. They are also found in the highly dense areas of the South America. They are believed to be spread through the infested wooden structures. They are highly dependent on the wood and the cellulose-based goods.

Subterranean termite:

The habit of these types of termites is slightly different as they live in the colonies under the ground. They make tunnels in this area in order to search of the foods. It has been seen that they are highly dependent on the moisture for the survival. They are also depends on the cellulose materials and the wooden products.

So, these are the types of the termites. Though, there is no direct effect on the health of the human being but, overall they are detrimental to the environment. And most importantly, they cause huge damage to your house.

To get rid of this problem you must contact the pest control services Delhi. These pest control agencies have an expert group of pest inspectors who know the exact method of detecting and controlling them.

Delhi termite inspections

If you are from Delhi, then Delhi termite inspections is must for you. You should have to take this service in order to feel safe from termites.

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What is Pest Control Services ?

Pest control is the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, it can be rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, termite, fleas, Wasp or any member of the insect kingdom that impacts adversely on human activities. The human concern depends on the importance of the damage done, to attempts to completely eradicate the pest.

An Excellent Means Of Prevention

As is said, prevention is always better than cure. To ensure that your house remains termite free, you need to take appropriate measures. Termite Control is the easiest and foolproof way of ensuring that your property isn’t infested with termites. When you get in touch with a reputable company like Maintdrop, they would make sure that every corner of the house is covered so that you can stay tension-free. They use liquid chemicals that would keep the termites away from destroying your expensive piece of wood furniture. Doing so would ensure that your house is completely free of termites.

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