Best House Cleaning Tips to Keep Every Inch of Your House Spotless

It is not enough to remove the cobwebs, dust the furniture, mop the floors and wipe the countertops every day. A spotless house needs deep-cleaning and you need to put some added efforts to achieve the peak of cleanliness. If you have tiled floors, then you need to pay close attention to the grout line. Your cleaning process depends upon the type of flooring, as the hardwood flooring needs different type of cleaning in comparison to the tiled flooring. The grease-smeared backsplash and countertops of your kitchen requires different process. On the other hand, the slippery bathroom floors need 100% sanitized cleaning. The stained areas on your carpet, curtains and couches also exclusive care, as it is strenuous to remove the stubborn stains. This article describes the most effective house cleaning tips for 2018 to keep your house free of dirt, grime, grease, spots and germs.

House Cleaning Tips

Living Area Floor Cleaning

The cleaning process for the floors exclusively depends upon the type of flooring and you may damage the flooring with incorrect cleaning methods. A few House cleaning tips may help you avoid mishaps.

Floor Cleaning

  • The marble is the metamorphic form of limestone and it has an extremely porous surface. The staining particles or chemicals can seep through these pores and can stain marble tiles from inside. The marble tiles etch, stain or scratch easily due to this reason. It is essential to avoid any type of acidic or alkaline cleaning agent on the marble floors. You can clean marble floors with a pH neutral cleaning solution. You may even use jets of steam coming from a mopping machine to remove the stains.
  • The steam mopping machine can even remove dirt from the grout line. Therefore, you are saved from brushing the grout-lines which is a time-consuming and tiring task.
  • The igneous rock granite also needs pH neutral cleaning solution due to its porous surface. Similar to the marble flooring, you can use the jets of steam to clean the granite tiles. The jets of steam can even clean germs along with the stains of dirt and grime.
  • When cleaning ceramic tiles, you can use either a pH neutral cleaning solution or a mix of water and baking soda. These tiles are harder than the natural rocks, so then can handle any commercial floor cleaner.
  • It is essential to avoid excessive water when cleaning hardwood floors. You may use a mix of alcohol, castile soap, essential oil and a small quantity of lukewarm water to polish these floors.

household cleaning tips

It is crucial to perform the aforementioned house cleaning tricks with microfiber cloth or soft sponges, as the rough surface of plastic/metal scrubbers can damage the floor’s surface.

Kitchen Cleaning

The layers of burnt oil, grease, dirt and food stains are the hardest to remove from the kitchen floor, countertop or backsplash. These areas need the best of the best cleaning tricks.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • It is best to use pressurized steam-jets to remove grease or oil residue from the marble or granite tiles in kitchen. However, not everyone has a steam-cleaning machine.
    • You may use branded degreasing solution to clean the tiles whilst polishing with a clean and wet cloth.
    • You can even clean the backsplashes made of ceramic or glass tiles in the similar manner.
  • You can clean stainless-steel backsplashes with soft microfiber cloth using a liquid dish-cleaner.
  • The liquid dish-cleaning solution is even useful when you are cleaning slate tiles. However, you need soft brushes to remove the grease residue from deep of the slate tiles.

Washroom Cleaning

Similar to the kitchens, high-pressured jets of steam can clean the bathroom tiles most effectively. For DIY cleaning solutions, you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to remove stale odour, erase stubborn spots and wipe the slippery layer of algae off the tiles/basin/bathtub. It is essential not to use bleach on tiled floors, as it can damage the flooring severely. It is also prudent to utilize branded cleaning agents to polish the toilet bowls.

You can keep your entire house impeccable using these easy household cleaning tips. However, it is prudent to ask for professional help when you want to bring spotless shine to the severely stained or etched flooring. You may even need the cleaning professionals to remove stains from upholstery using sophisticated cleaning machines without causing any damage.

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