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We use odourless and non-toxic chemicals for healthy ambience.

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We use odourless and non-toxic chemicals for healthy ambience.

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We use odourless and non-toxic chemicals for healthy ambience.

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We use odourless and non-toxic chemicals for healthy ambience.

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We use odourless and non-toxic chemicals for healthy ambience.

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Pest control services in Bengaluru

We all dream of a house which is devoid of all sorts of unwanted guests like bugs, insects, cockroaches and termites. Their company is not only unwanted but irritating and frustrating too. In the busy routine it would be over demanding to ask from all the working professionals to devote equal time on the upkeep and maintenance of the house. Pests are a problem not only in Bangalore but in other parts of the country too.

Maintdrop is a one stop solution for all sorts of services related to Pest Control Bengaluru. We ensure that these little unwanted creatures are uprooted properly and do not rise again and cause damage to your property which you have earned with all your efforts.

Pest control services in Bengaluru have become the need of the hour because the apartments where you live in remain closed for the majority part of the day and its quiet obvious that termites will eat into your furniture and cause lots of destruction. How can you tolerate the presence of bugs in your beds or cockroaches in your kitchens and bathrooms? We strive to make your lives easy and hassle free by bed bug control, cockroach control and general pest control.

We believe in using government registered and approved chemicals. For your safety and security we use odourless and non toxic chemicals so that the environment of the house is not affected after the treatment and you can breathe in fresh air.

Our pest control solutions in Bengaluru come at a very affordable price. Our team of professionals work with utmost dedication and commitment in making your houses pest free.

You can call us as per your convenience on any holiday or after the working hours in your office. We will ensure that we reach within time and make your house pest free. Our workers will help you in arranging the stuff as well once the treatment of termites in all the closets, kitchens, garden area and washrooms is done.

Let’s make our homes hygienic, disease free and tidy by availing the services available at Maintdrop.

We would be pleased to serve you!

NOTE: A nominal charge of Rs.250/- is applicable and further it will be waived off in the final bill if the service is availed. Incase, if you decline the service you will be responsible for Rs.250/- trip charge

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