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Tap installation is nothing more than installation of a new tap or changing the old tap. Our technician will diagnose the issue and fix it right away. We will not carry any Tap with us, Customer should order it prior to arrival of technician.

₹ 98



Tap repair is nothing but repairing a broken tap and fix it without replacing. Our technician will check issue with tap, whether it is clogged , broken, dent etc... and repair it accordingly.

₹ 98



Our technician will diagnose the issue to detect the exact problem; like, leakage, broken, dent or any major issue. We will also replace the wash basin if required. Our technician do not carry any parts, it needs to be ordered prior arrival.

₹ 73



Any service which is not listed above will be considered as others. This will be on inspection and our technician will diagnose and provide you the estimate.

₹ 250

On Inspection


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We all use water through taps in the kitchen and washrooms. Ever wondered what would happen if one fine day you realize that the tap is not working or there is some leakage in the tank or the pipe in the washroom is jammed? Your day will come to a standstill. You won’t be able to go the office neither will you be able to send your kids to school.

Such disasters can easily be avoided if you avail plumbing services in Bengaluru. The people in the city run from pillar to post for a better living but what if you are forced to stop because of the running taps or leakage in the kitchen? Doesn’t sound good!

To bring ease to your lives, we at Maintdrop are available round the clock to fix all kinds of problems related to plumbing. Plumbers in Bengaluru are difficult to find and even if they come they will demand exorbitant prices which are not at all competitive. You can however bank upon our team of professionals to fix all sorts of problems. Whether it is motor or bath tub installation or dripping faucets and pipes we are ready to serve you.

We believe that a satisfied customer will spread a positive word of mouth about our services so we ensure that up to the maximum possible extent we are able to satisfy you and repair all the damages caused in your house.

Our focus is not only on the residential apartments but also the commercial buildings which have a rather complex network of pipes and if that gets interrupted, inconvenience will definitely be manifold.

We have enrolled in the top plumbers in Bengaluru to provide you quality service and we ensure that once you have availed our services your problem will remain fixed for a good duration of time and your daily routine will not get hampered,

Next time whenever you find any leakage in the kitchen or you wish to change the accessories of your washroom please feel free to call us and we would be pleased to serve you.

Drinking Water is meant for drinking and not flooding your house. Leave such issues in our hands and you can go back to your office!

NOTE: A nominal charge of Rs.250/- is applicable and further it will be waived off in the final bill if the service is availed. Incase, if you decline the service you will be responsible for Rs.250/- trip charge.

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