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Laundry services Dubai is at your doorstep within a couple of time

Laundry service at Maintdrop is the best convenient method to get your clothes dry-cleaned at your comfort. Our team provides online laundry in every corner of the place in Dubai. We are providing all kinds of laundry service such as dry-cleaning services, wash and fold, ironing of clothes etc, with an affordable budget. Our team solves all your laundry problems within a second. With proficient laundry workers in Dubai, we assure for the high-quality service exact on time.

Both the washing and ironing clothes are too tedious as well as time-consuming, our company have an online Laundry Services in Dubai where you can effortlessly agenda your wash. As per your request, all your dirty clothes will be collected from your location and within a few days, mean 2-3 working days you will get dry-cleaned clothes or ironed clothes with neatly washed at your doorstep. We use the best quality laundry detergent and an expert fabric care to give your apparels a tremendous wash that you will appreciate the most. It gives satisfaction while the laundry basket will empty and the wardrobe is filled with effortlessly washed as well as ironed clothes. Stop worrying more about your laundry clothes, just enjoy the expediency of doorstep laundry with Maintdrop.

Our expert team consider all kinds of laundry requests like commercial, residential and so on. Our daily based on wash and iron of jeans, party wears, wash and fold, office shirts, suits, women wear, dry cleaning of sarees, and blazers, branded shirts, Armani clothes etc.

At maintdrop, we offer the ease to compare and pick nearby laundry services in the region of Dubai based on their reviews and ratings. Our dedicated team immediately start works on the guidelines placed to confirm that your laundry service is finished on-time causing no awkwardness to the users.

So, allow us to take all your laundry related issues,leave a message at our gmail address and make your time more memorable with your dear and near person.


Keep your clothes clean and tidy! At Maintdrop laundry services, you will be able to schedule variety of laundry services from, simple wash and iron, dry cleaning to premium wash.

When it comes the necessity of keeping the clothes clean, for which the clothes are needed to be washed in regular intervals with utmost care, again different types of clothes require different styles of washing like normal wet washing or dry washing, so it would be more convenient for you to order it online and save a lot of your precious time. 

Maintdrop team will collect it from your doorstep and deliver it back to you at your convenience.

Maintdrop provides you High-quality Laundry Service with affordable price range. Only Maintdrop Services Private Limited provides the details of top Laundry service givers in almost all major & important cities of India.

Just reach us to get excellent Laundry Services across Dubai and see your clothes neat and tidy.

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