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Tap installation is nothing more than installation of a new tap or changing the old tap. Our technician will diagnose the issue and fix it right away. We will not carry any Tap with us, Customer should order it prior to arrival of technician.

₹ 98



Tap repair is nothing but repairing a broken tap and fix it without replacing. Our technician will check issue with tap, whether it is clogged , broken, dent etc... and repair it accordingly.

₹ 98



Our technician will diagnose the issue to detect the exact problem; like, leakage, broken, dent or any major issue. We will also replace the wash basin if required. Our technician do not carry any parts, it needs to be ordered prior arrival.

₹ 73



Any service which is not listed above will be considered as others. This will be on inspection and our technician will diagnose and provide you the estimate.

₹ 250

On Inspection


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Our lives are made more comfortable by an efficient network of pipes and tubing that brings water in our taps, faucets and tanks. We tend to take the plumbing of the house for granted until we encounter a leak, blockage or seepage in the pipes. This is why the plumbing of a house or commercial establishment is a very vital component and should never be taken lightly, and only the top plumbers in Kolkata should be entrusted with this job.

At Maintdrop, our highly skilled and experienced plumbing team is adept at handling all plumbing related issues like installation of a new water tank, motor or bath tub; installing or changing bathroom fittings; altering or managing pipe work in the kitchen; changing a tap or faucet; and every other aspect of general plumbing. Our plumbing services in Kolkata are backed by extensive experience in handling plumbing in residential and commercial set-ups and by the trust of thousands of happy clients.

The importance of efficient plumbing services lies in the fact that loose pipe connections, blocked pipes and leakage in any pipe-line or duct result in damp walls that become the breeding ground of micro-organisms like molds. These molds pose a big threat to occupants of the house or office because they can result in allergic reactions and wheezing. A hasty job in plumbing will end up in the form of dampness and seepage, necessitating another service frequently. Therefore, you should employ only a reliable plumbing service.

Maintdrop will assign the best plumber in Kolkata for your task, whether you are designing a new house or office, or considering a repair and maintenance service of your current abode. We have made a mark in the industry because of our impeccable and prompt services, and dedication towards 100% customer satisfaction.

Our highly skilled and experienced team covers all areas of Kolkata and fulfils all your plumbing requirements. Because we are driven by passion, we strive to execute all our jobs to perfection at pocket-friendly prices. Call us on +91-8102323232 or place a plumbing service request on our website, and our team will be happy to include you in the list of our satisfied clients.

NOTE: A nominal charge of Rs.250/- is applicable and further it will be waived off in the final bill if the service is availed. Incase, if you decline the service you will be responsible for Rs.250/- trip charge.

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