Celebrate this Festival of Light with us at Maintdrop with an awesome twinkling light decoration

Electrical Services

With the big bang Diwali festival around the corner, you can surely not compromise to give your dream home anything less than a brand you make over with lights and diyas.You must already be planning a lot to turn each of your rooms into a jamboree decoration with twinkling and sparkling lights. But you are only left with a couple of days. What if I tell you that you could rather hire professionals to workout with your plans hassle free? Yes, you heard it right. We can help you sum up your perky decoration plans and add an all new definition to your big fat Diwali celebrations. Excited, are not you? Not only that, all these are even possible without hitting much on your pocket. Want to know how? Just give us a quick call at Maintdrop and we will provide you with our best professional electricians at your doorsteps, who can make your celebration of lights an everlasting memory. Our team will only visit post confirmation. They will check the size and shape of each of your rooms and suggest you with all the possible decorative alignments. They will give you the best light decorations by using anything like earthen lamps, string lights, recycled lanterns etc. All these can be done only for Rs.300. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website, outlet or call us immediately and go through our professional catalogues for a wide range of decorative options and ideas with illuminating lights. We will only recommend what suits you the best for your rooms. We can revamp both the interior and exterior of your house with fabulous light decorations. So let our creative talent pool take over your decoration plans this time. Become an envy of your next door neighbours and premium guests. Book your Home Service now.

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