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This includes; Cleaning of tiles, faucets, sinks, taps, pots, shelves, cabinets, mirror, disinfection of bathroom.

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Housekeeping services in Delhi

The importance of good house-keeping cannot be stressed enough. We, at Maintdrop, believe that a clean home is the reflection of a clean soul, and we execute all big and small home cleaning and house-keeping services with complete dedication. This is why our housekeeping services in Delhi are counted among the best in the industry. There is no doubt that you try your best to keep your home spick and span, but it can be very difficult to squeeze out time for detailed cleaning, especially when you have to balance your professional life and family life. Maintdrop understands your concerns and offers you the best cleaningservicesinDelhi that will take stress out of the entire cleaning process.

Our housekeeping services are very popular among people who are moving out of their old homes, moving into a new home, and those who wish to get their entire house cleaned inside out. Whether it is a special occasion or an annual maintenance cleaning, we offer a diverse array of cleaning services and make sure that you don’t have to worry about the quality and price that you pay for getting your beloved home cleaned up.

Whether it is a general cleaning of the premises that you require, or a more elaborate scrubbing, we ensure that our home cleaning services in Delhi cater to all your needs. We specialize in tasks like deep cleaning, sofa cleaning and tank cleaning, that require a lot of time and effort on your part. With our trained staff and most modern cleaning equipment, we ensure a quick and hassle-free cleaning of areas like the kitchen and the bathroom, that would otherwise take a lot of your effort.

With our extensive network that spans across the extremes of Delhi, we offer services all across the city. So, regardless of whether you are a housewife with small kids at home, a working professional who has long working hours, or a senior citizen whose health doesn’t permit extensive cleaning, you should call Maintdrop on +91-8102323232 or place a service request on our website, and we will take care of all your cleaning requirements.

NOTE :- A nominal charge of Rs.250/- is applicable and further it will be waived off in the final bill if the service is availed. Incase, if you decline the service you will be responsible for Rs.250/- trip charge.

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