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Tap installation is nothing more than installation of a new tap or changing the old tap. Our technician will diagnose the issue and fix it right away. We will not carry any Tap with us, Customer should order it prior to arrival of technician.

₹ 98



Tap repair is nothing but repairing a broken tap and fix it without replacing. Our technician will check issue with tap, whether it is clogged , broken, dent etc... and repair it accordingly.

₹ 98



Our technician will diagnose the issue to detect the exact problem; like, leakage, broken, dent or any major issue. We will also replace the wash basin if required. Our technician do not carry any parts, it needs to be ordered prior arrival.

₹ 73



Any service which is not listed above will be considered as others. This will be on inspection and our technician will diagnose and provide you the estimate.

₹ 250

On Inspection


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Plumbing services in Delhi 

All of us know and understand the importance of a good plumbing system in the house. All our basic needs in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom require use of plumbing. Whether you are moving in a new house, designing a new office, renovating your existing dwelling, or adding a new device like motor, pump or tank, you would need a plumber. It is very important to find a good plumber in Delhi who can understand the requirement and does the job perfectly. This is where Maintdrop comes to your rescue and provides plumbing services that are a true mark of quality.

Plumbing services not only ensure a smooth functioning of a household or enterprise, but are also essential from health and hygiene point of view. Damp walls can lead to the growth of harmful microbes that can affect the health of your family members or office workers. A clumsy job in repairing these leaks and seepage will require frequent services, and it will waste a lot of your time and money. Therefore, you should choose only Maintdrop, that is considered to be among the most reputed and reliable plumbing service providers, and has carved a name for itself in the industry because of its impeccable services.

Our highly skilled and experienced team is deft at plumbing for commercial as well as for residential buildings. We undertake tasks such as new installations of tanks, faucets and bath-tubs; repair and re-installation of internal pipes; solving leakage problems and repairing assorted fittings. We cater to all requests for bathroom fitting, general plumbing, kitchen, tanks,taps and faucets.

We understand that plumbing issues require urgent attention, and agree that dripping and leaking pipelines are a big nuisance. Therefore, our plumber services in Delhi are driven by passion and dedication to provide timely service to our customers. In addition, the skill of our team ensures that all your tasks are executed to perfection and 100% satisfaction.

Our team covers all areas in New Delhi and provides prompt and high-quality service.Contact us on +91-8102323232 or place a service request on our website, and we will make sure that all your plumbing tasks are promptly addressed and executed to perfection.

NOTE: A nominal charge of Rs.250/- is applicable and further it will be waived off in the final bill if the service is availed. Incase, if you decline the service you will be responsible for Rs.250/- trip charge.

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